6-Pack Car Club

Trials 2024

See the pages menu below for a link with more detail and a downloadable form to register.

Welcome Back!

It took a while to move, but welcome to the new 6-pack site. The forums are on the menu bar – click forums. You’ll need to log in there as normal. We are working (hard) to bring more content and restore anything we can find after our unfortunate hacking incident.

TRials 2023

September 21-24 2023 Alleghenies PA TRials 2023 information and registration


There are two ways to join the club. If you have an account at the forums click on “My Profile” under your User at the top right after you log in there. Then click “Edit Settings” and from there “Subscriptions”. You can join there instantly if you pay through PayPal. The other way is old […]

Trials 2022

The 2022 TRials is in Lexington Kentucky – September 22-25 2022. More information can be found at the TRials website. https://www.6-packtrials-2022.com/hotel 6-Pack TRials